Company Law Solicitors

Our team of spanish solicitors will help you with the creation of:

– Corporation (“Sociedad Anónima”, abbreviated as “S.A.”).

– European Public Limited-Liability Company (“Sociedad Anónima Europea”, abbreviated as “S.E.”)

– Limited Liability Company (“Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada”, abbreviated as “S.L.” or “S.R.L.”).

– New Limited Liability Company (“Sociedad Limitada Nueva Empresa” abbreviated as “S.L.N.E.”).

– General Partnership (“Sociedad Regular Colectiva”, abbreviated as “S.R.C.” or “S.C.”).

– Limited Partnership (“Sociedad en Comandita”, abbreviated as “S. en Com.” or “S. Com.”) or Limited Partnership by Shares (“Sociedad en Comandita por Acciones”, abbreviated as “S. Com. p.A.”).

– Professional Services Firm (“Sociedad Profesional”, abbreviated as “S.P.”).