Conveyancing solicitors

Conveyancing includes an extense range of complicated legal issues that many might encounter in their lives. Whether you are looking to buy or sell your property, getting the right legal advice is indispensable. Our team of english speaking solicitors provide legal advice on various topics in Spain. Some examples are:

Letting & renting.
Hidden defects.
Builder and promotor liability
Purchase of real estate. Our services includes:

• Check the legality of the property, check that is not affected with any kind of embargo, seizure, mortgage, etc.
• Apply for a certificate to the land register (nota simple).
• Write a private purchase contract in english and spanish.
• Prepare all the documentation needed for the meeting at the Notary.
• Apply for a NIE (identification number for foreigners) if you do not have one.
• Write a POA if needed.
• Translate for you at the Notary.
• Pay the taxes in your name.
• Register the deed in the land register.
• Write your spanish Will.
• Change the water and electricity supply in your name.
• Change the ownership of the property in SUMA